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Brother Jackson AQHA/APHA sorrel stallion

Brother Jackson’s Offspring

If you are going to breed, why not breed for grit, athleticism and temperament!

Brother Jackson is everything you want in a CHAMPION 4 event cowhorse! He stands out with his stellar bloodlines, rideability and beautiful movement. His bloodlines represent the cream of the performance horse crop.

As a sire, Brother Jackson‘s offspring bear his hallmarks of beauty and strength of movement. His foals are COWY and have performed well in roping, cutting, reining and working cow horse disciplines.

AQHA stats (QData) on Brother Jackson’s offpsring

Now Showing by Brother Jackson

Now Showing by Brother Jackson

2015’s by Brother Jackson

2015 g. BrotherJacksonsJewel (Dualin For Class x Dualin Jewels).

2016’s by Brother Jackson

2016 g. Boe Jackson (Very Smart Suzie x Very Smart Remedy).
2016 g. Jesse Jackson (Pretty Lil Cowgirl x Cowboy Cattylac).
2016 m. Mizz Jackson (Missy Dual Master x Dual Peppy).
2016 s. Peptos Hickory Cat (Turn Liz Loose x Doc’s Hickory).

2017’s by Brother Jackson

2017 m. Brothers Bell E Dancer (Belle E Dancer x SMF Lenas Award).
2017 m. Jubilee Jackson (Shining Princess Too x Shining Spark).
2017 s. Reverend Jackson (Red Carpet Style x CD Lights).
2017 m. Sista Jackson (Hickorys One Time x One Time Pepto).
2017 g. ANightWithoutDiamonds (P) (Like A Blessing x Like a Diamond).

2018’s by Brother Jackson

2018 s. Ohh Brother (HIckorys One Time x One Time Pepto).
2018 m. Grace Gott You (Wright Now Ima Star x Lenas Wright On).

2019’s by Brother Jackson

2019 s. Nitas Jackson (Nitas Dual x Dualin Gun).