What folk say about Brother Jackson!

He’s a whole package and having great owners behind him that BELIEVE in him shows you something too.

I think they are going to be contenders. Well bred, balanced and pretty.

Great minded, naturally athletic, eye catching, pretty movers, very cowy, and very trainable. I’ve watched Ken Wold on a bunch of his babies and love them all!

Just watched some show over the weekend-would be talking really not paying attention- and they would catch my eye- OOOOH what’s that?? “A Brother Jackson”… Very cool showing Cowy- Moved Pretty-Athletic- Great Minded

Brother Jackson sure stamps them!!
She’s so flashy

They are really nice, and most that I have seen are really athletic!! They have had success also in the roping arenas, they are all around horses. I had one, and sold him as long yearling- my biggest horse regret still. But bred again and will be keeping this one for sure!

Gorgeous, athletic, sweet and people friendly and so willing to try anything new.

BIG stop, pretty mover, lots of cow and draw. I should be drawn and quartered for letting her get behind. I love the shape he has and puts on his babies.

quotes from fb posts.

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